Zoo and aquarium employment opportunities


Below are employment advertisements for positions currently vacant at ZAA-accredited zoos and aquariums across Australasia or within the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) office. Please contact the individual organisations directly, using the contact details supplied in the advertisement to ask questions or apply for a position.


Positions currently available


Sydney Zoo - Veterinarian

Posted on 1/8/2020


Cleland Wildlife Park - General Manager

Posted on 2/26/2020


Perth Zoo - Technical Officer Zoology

Posted on 3/24/2020


Tasmania Zoo - Small Carnivore Keeper

Posted on 3/18/2020


Wellington Zoo - Zoo Keeper

Posted on 3/10/2020


Sydney Zoo - Curator Elephants

Posted on 1/8/2020


David Fleay Wildlife Park - Ranger

Posted on 2/5/2020


Ballarat Wildlife Park - Tiger Keeper

Posted on 2/26/2020


Ballarat Wildlife Park - Reptile Keeper

Posted on 2/26/2020


Auckland Zoo - Curator of Ectotherms

Posted on 1/8/2020


Auckland Zoo - Curator of Birds

Posted on 1/8/2020


Adelaide Zoo - Carnivore/Panda Keeper

Posted on 2/18/2020


Tasmania Zoo - Large Carnivore Keeper

Posted on 2/18/2020


Wellington Zoo - Veterinary Technician

Posted on 1/23/2020