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By keeping your cat safe, you're also protecting our native Australian wildlife.

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A community dedicated to protecting cats and wildlife


Whatever stage of life your cat is at, with the proper care and attention they can thrive when kept safe at home. And when cats aren’t roaming, the local wildlife around you is free to flourish.


We’re here to provide you with the latest advice, tips, and tools to help you transition your cat to a safer and happier life at home. Become part of the community that loves their cat and local wildlife.


Pet cats provide love and companionship to Australians

9 in 10

Cats who go missing are never reunited with their owners (based on 2016/2017 data compiled by RSPCA Victoria)


Australia's threatened wildlife can be found in cities (Ives et al. 2015)

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We all want our cats to be safe and happy, keeping them at home and providing them with everything they need is the best way to ensure this. There are so many benefits to keeping your cat safe and happy at home; they are kept safe away from the dangers of cars, other cats, toxins, dogs and getting lost and you also get to spend more time with them and become even closer.


RSPCA Australia

Thank you for keeping us safe

"I have four very happy and content cats who are safely kept at home in the house and in their contained garden and deck; they get the best of both indoor and outdoor worlds. I get to spend heaps of quality time with them and also have the peace of mind knowing that they are safe. Having had cats who were free to roam as a child and suffering their loss on the road, and also seeing all of the bad things that can happen to roaming cats in my career as a veterinarian and researcher, I feel very content with my decision to keep my cats safe and happy at home, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Dr. Sarah Zito AM, BVetMed, MANCVS (Feline Medicine) PhD, RSPCA Australia