ZAA Tea & Tails fundraiser for Ukraine and winners


We are grateful to the 20+ members who contributed to the ZAA Tea & Tails fundraiser to support the zoos and aquariums of Ukraine. Through initiatives like bake sales, raffles, silent auctions, quizzes, and more, your invaluable efforts resulted in a combined contribution of $25,275 . This support will enable EAZA to provide Ukrainian zoos and aquariums with a range of resources like delivering crucial medical aid to the animals, transferring animals to zoos and aquariums in bordering countries, reinforcing damaged animal care facilities, preparing enclosures for the upcoming winter, and supporting the ongoing care of animals already transferred to bordering EAZA members.


As promised, we declared the ZAA Tea & Tails winners at the Gala dinner in Christchurch on August 10th. With the fundraiser now closed, we are pleased to announce the winners:

  • Highest Overall Contribution- Perth Zoo, Ben & Jerry’s catering for 100 people.

  Perth Zoo raised a total of $5120.90 through morning tea and silent auction.



  • Most Creative Execution- Cleland Wildlife Park, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for a year.

  Cleland Wildlife Park inspired creativity throughout the event with animal themed delicacies and an exciting chocolate poo quiz.




  • Best Team Spirit- Taronga Zoo Sydney and Wellington Zoo, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for a year.

  Both the organisations turned up with high spirits and raised money through bake sales and raffle. 


Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Wellington Zoo



Lastly, we would also like to extend our gratitude to all the members who donated to the prize pool for the fundraiser and a special thanks to Ben & Jerry’s for their generous support. Your collective effort has made a significant impact, demonstrating the incredible strength of our community.