Introducing the new face of ZAA


ZAA members pride themselves on their commitment to positive animal welfare and their contributions to the conservation of global and regional biodiversity.  

These values for conservation action and positive animal welfare are reflected in the identities of all ZAA members. whether through taglines, visuals, or the name itself. All these cues help visitors to connect meaning to your work and see purpose in your operations.   

From our annual public perception research data, we know that the state of animal welfare in zoos and aquariums can be both a driver to frequent visitation and a barrier to entry. While awareness of accreditation is low, at 13%, 80% of respondents suggested they would be more likely to visit an organisation if they knew it was accredited for positive animal welfare.  

We also know that while it is widely accepted by the public that zoos & aquariums contribute to conservation, the public can’t pinpoint what it is that they believe constitutes legitimate conservation action or the extent to which zoos and aquariums contribute.   

While conservation & positive animal welfare underpin the identities and priorities of ZAA members, the ZAA brand does not currently reflect an identity representative of the organisations that it serves. 

As endorsed by the membership at the 2023 AGM, ZAA’s vision has been updated to reflect the direction in which the sector is headed (“Positive outcomes for people and wildlife”) and as identified within the ZAA 2023-25 strategy and corresponding brand plan, an updated brand identity will be important to ensure the Association can continue to serve the membership effectively, both internally to the sector and externally to the public.




Introducing the new face of ZAA



The identity is animal led and purpose driven - reflecting three important, native species (Tasmanian devil, Kiwi & Grey nurse shark). Each species is managed through a ZAA SMP and has an important conservation story behind it.  

The shield device represents the protection provided to the animals in the care of ZAA member institutions through their high animal welfare standards and ZAA positive animal welfare accreditation status. The movement of the animals in and out of the shield represents the continuum of in-situ & ex-situ conservation efforts and the importance of zoos & aquariums in the fight to protect biodiversity. 

This project also creates an identity for the ZAA Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF) to: 

1.                 Support fundraising initiatives for members in need of additional financial assistance for the ongoing welfare of their animals. 

2.                 Support grant applications and government funding to allocate out to members participating in relevant conservation action. 

3.                 Fund the ongoing work of the Centre for Species Survival, Australasia in threatened species assessment listing & recovery team coordination in partnership with the relevant government bodies and stakeholders.  


The consistency of the marque across all 3 logos provides repetition to embed public retention and drive brand awareness in the absence of funding for paid brand building initiatives. 


This modern and impactful identity was soft launched at the recent ZAA Annual conference and has received great feedback from the membership thus far. 


What do we need from you? 

1.       Review all locations (onsite & online) that contain the ZAA logo. 

2.       Update your websites, socials or any online platforms/pages that contain the old ZAA logo. 

3.       If you have ZAA badging on-site in physical form, please consider the cost, time and resources required to update and fit the update accordingly into your short/medium/long term master plans. we know that this may take time and do not expect you to change physical displays quickly.  

4.       If you do not currently have any ZAA badging on your websites, please take this opportunity to add the new ZAA Positive Animal Welfare Accredited logo to your site. 

5.      We will be working through updating all our assets between now and the end of the calendar year, inclusive of the ZAA website and portal. If you have any feedback regarding the content of the website/portal, please reach out and let us know 


The attached Dropbox link contains all the elements you might require in updating the ZAA logo within your organisation:   

1.      ZAA Brand & Logo Policy 

2.      ZAA Logos – PNG & EPS 

3.      ZAA Accreditation Logos – PNG & EPS 

4.      WCF Logos – PNG & EPS 


We would love to discuss opportunities for promotion and branding with you: If you are looking for support or advice on your next steps from here, please feel free to reach out to Georgie Mitchell, ZAA Communications Manager ([email protected]).